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This game only supports controller usage!

Star Shot is a prototype hybrid bullet-hell/soccer game made by a team of five graduate students from the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy.

Two teams each with two players must compete to score goals and beat the other team.

Star Shot has three unique characters that fit into one of three categories:

  1. Offense: The knife throwing assassin
  2. Defense: The area denying earth mage
  3. Support: The crowd controlling/healing water support

No friendly fire:
  • Star Shot has no friendly fire, so don't worry about hurting your teammate!

Picking up the star:

  • Run over the star to pick it up! Be warned, while holding the star you move slower and do not recharge mana.

Ultimate abilities:

  • Ultimate abilities will destroy nearby enemy bullets when activated. Your ultimate meter fills up when bullets graze you and when running towards the star.
  • When your ultimate ability is ready, look for the particle effects around your character!

Control scheme:

  • Left Stick: Move
  • Right Stick: Aim
  • Left Shoulder: Fire ultimate shot (when not holding star) / shoot star (while holding star)
  • Right Shoulder: Fire basic shot / charged shot (when held down for 2+ seconds)
  • Left Trigger: Fire utility shot / detonate utility shot
  • Right Trigger: Fire offensive shot
  • Start button: Pause

Class abilities:


  • Left Shoulder: Knife storm (throws a lot of knives)
  • Right Shoulder: Bouncing knives / multiple bouncing knives
  • Left Trigger: Fire teleport knife / detonate to teleport
  • Right Trigger: Fire spiraling knives / detonate spiraling knives

Earth mage

  • Left Shoulder: Slow field (only slows enemies)
  • Right Shoulder: Leaf fan / multiple leaf fans
  • Left Trigger: Fire earth wall marker/ detonate to create earth wall
  • Right Trigger: Fire exploding boulder

Water Support

  • Left Shoulder: Fast field (only speeds up allies)
  • Right Shoulder: Healing bubbles (damages enemies and heals allies) / multiple healing bubbles
  • Left Trigger: Fire reverse knockback bubble (only affects enemies)
  • Right Trigger: Fire bullet fountain


Star Shot.zip 171 MB